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Volunteer Categories

Pick your commitment level: volunteer casually, as a team member, leader, and/or specialist.


  • 10 hr/month

  • No access to workflow software



  • Bio on website

  • Full access to shared workflow

  • 10 hrs/week for 6 months

  • Updates 3 times per week



  • Same as Teammates +

  • Input on creative strategic decisions

  • 15 hrs/week for 1 year

  • Daily Updates



  • Advanced expertise

  • Commitments, bio, and workflow access on a case by case basis

The purpose of this role is to help ensure that the subject matter is communicated in a clear and accurate manner. This may involve fact checking technical statements, citing literature, as well as creating useful analogies to aid audience understanding.


 There are a number of optional ways for Specialists to contribute to Invincible Wellbeing:

  • Summarize academic literature in the Invincible Wellbeing Wiki.

  • Create ELI5 type scripts for the podcast. These may later be used in animations as well. 

  • Interviewing or otherwise engaging in written correspondence with academic researchers as a reporter or special correspondent.

  • Suggest guests to be on the show. 

  • Design questions for show guests.


Invincible Wellbeing's Mission

Promote research targeting the biological substrates of suffering. See our Strategy Map.


Invincible Wellbeing's Project Management System

We are excited to announce our partnership with ClickUp, who has granted Invincible Wellbeing a free plan on their game-changing project management software. We were looking for something that would connect our vision for the next few centuries with what our team is working on in the next few minutes, operationalizing our purpose as part of a hierarchy of transitive preferences. We searched through scores of project management systems until we found ClickUp. We can do almost everything teams do in other software within ClickUp, from creating shared documents to hosting video conferences all in one place. If you'd like to use ClickUp for your own team, makes sure to tell them that Invincible Wellbeing sent you. We aren't paid to say that, but we'd like to see them help other great causes too.



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