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IT Engineers and Developers

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Are you looking for a way to contribute to suffering-focused scientific progress? Invincible Wellbeing is an organization dedicated to promoting research effectively targeting the biological substrates of suffering. We also have a podcast airing on Stanford University Radio, where we interview the world's leading scientists.


We are recruiting IT engineers & developers (+ other roles) to improve our Wiki, Google Ads and Analytics, Office 365, HubSpot CRM, and other accounts. We also need someone to write scripts to automate processes. On the development side, we're looking for experience with JavaScript, PHP, HTML & CSS. WordPress experience is a plus. For automation, you may use whatever scripting language you like. If you're looking to contribute to an altruistic cause and gain experience, this is a great opportunity. If you can help with anything listed or are new to IT and willing to learn, simply enter your email address in the specified field (see link). Check out the other engagement options available by hovering over "Get Involved" in the top right corner of the website.

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