Payment Options


Thanks for donating! Note, HGSSF is our partner nonprofit. They handle all accounting for our shared projects. We appreciate all funding, no matter the payment method. 

Zelle (recommended)

Send to: +1(415) 948-4265

Preferred for donations up to $10K.

Instant & Free

No download necessary.
Zelle comes with your existing banking app, no matter your bank.

Zelle is like Venmo, but better. This is the fastest and most fuss-free option. Simply, find Zelle within your existing online banking and enter the phone number: +1(415) 948-4265. Check the hamburger icon in your online banking app or log in using an internet browser. Check that the recipient listed is The Henry George School of San Francisco (HGSSF) / David Giesen. Nearly all banks and credit unions already include Zelle in the app. If you prefer, you may use Zelle directly on Android and Apple devices. 

You can set up automatic monthly donations if you prefer. Predictable income makes project planning smoother.


Use as the email address. Note, Zelle is faster and there are no fees.

Here is the link to Jacob Shwartz-Lucas' personal account page.
 Unlike other payment options, Venmo doesn't offer service to organizations as a whole. If you donate using this option, we will have to transfer it from Jacob's personal account to HGSSF, and we cannot provide you with a tax deduction receipt, as Venmo doesn't provide receipts that will likely be accepted by the IRS. All other payment options allow us to offer you a receipt that we believe the IRS will accept.
Note, we are not accountants or lawyers. So, please speak to one.


Bank Transfer
Email for HGSSF's account and routing numbers. The "bill pay" option tends to not carry transaction charges. You'll have to verify with your bank, though. Note, Zelle basically is a bank transfer, but instant and with no charges.

Outside the US

Wise offers multi-currency accounts that allow account owners to make bank transfers. See "Bank Transfer" above as well. Also, check if your bank supports Zelle. We are pursing other options for donors outside the United States. Tell us your preferred method.

Checks can be mailed to: 
Henry George School of San Francisco
189 Ellsworth St, San Francisco, CA 94110-5640
Memo: "Invincible Wellbeing" or more specific project