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You can also "dive in" to the work and submit this later.

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Dive In


Rather than go through the formalities first, click the links below to show off your research skills and show that you'll follow directions. If you wish, you can fill in the form after diving in. Here are simpler tasks designed to just get you started:

Gain Familiarity With Our Work and Suggest New Ideas: If you stumble upon a topic deserving more attention, pitch us on a new article! As you explore the website, help fact-check the content, and note any typos, or bugs. Suggest additional content using APA-7 style references/citations to reputable scientific sources. Embrace the opportunity to explore new questions and ideas that arise!

Add Contacts to Sheet: Help us expand our network by adding names of individuals and organizations you think can support our mission.

A Focused Commitment

The most fulfilling internships are those that are focused and effective. Therefore, we ask you to intern full-time for one month, Monday-Friday, 9-5 PM CST.

Can I intern for longer than a month?

We like to take one step at a time and build a solid foundation before considering other possibilities. So, just list one month in the form above.

Is the internship paid?

No, but we do have paid openings. See the "Openings" drop-down tab.

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