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Director of Animal Genetics

Join a dynamic and innovative team dedicated to reducing animal suffering through genetic intervention! We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Scientific Director to lead our research efforts.


  • Lead the development and implementation of research programs to improve animal welfare through options like selective breeding, epigenetic engineering, and recombinant DNA technology

  • Develop and maintain partnerships with academic institutions, industry partners, and other relevant organizations

  • Ensure that all research activities are conducted in accordance with ethical guidelines and regulations, and most importantly help improve them at labs around the world.

  • Publish high-quality research articles in peer-reviewed journals and present findings at conferences and workshops

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in the field of animal genetics and incorporate these findings into our research and advocacy programs

  • You've received NIH funding and can work with us to direct more funding to welfare enhancement.


  • PhD in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, animal science, or a related field

  • Working knowledge of breeding of agricultural species, laboratory animals, and feeder mice

  • In-depth knowledge of selective breeding techniques and experience in their implementation

  • Familiarity with modern recombinant DNA technology and its application in the aforementioned industries

  • Track record of conducting and publishing original research in the field of agriculture and animal science

  • Strong understanding of animal health and nutrition, and their impact on productivity and welfare

  • Insight into influencing NIH to promote suffering-reduced animals among researchers more generally

Work Hours:Full-time, Monday to Friday, with some after-hours and weekend work as required for events and conferences.

Compensation: We offer competitive compensation and benefits, commensurate with experience.

Location: This position is remote. Some domestic and international travel may be required for conferences and scientific sabbaticals in different labs.


About the Organization: We are a charity dedicated to minimizing suffering by targeting its genetic roots, particularly in animals used in industrial settings. Our vision is a world where all animals enjoy invincible wellbeing.

We value diversity and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital, veteran, or disability status.

Apply here.

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