Dear Supporter,


Wellbeing and suffering define the value and dis-value of conscious existence.

We are rapidly gaining the means to not only cure the diseases that catalyze suffering, but to edit out the root substrates which equip life with the capacity to suffer. However, this is not the sole focus of any other biomedical research institution.


Our goal is to target the biological substrates of suffering responsible for horrific experience, regardless of race, class, gender, or species. This requires sourcing cross-disciplinary researchers from around the world, engaging in the research ourselves, and influencing biomedical institutions to focus on targeting the root biological sources of suffering. Your support will put suffering-focused biomedical research at the forefront of scientific advancement at the most prestigious institutions around the world.

Invincible Wellbeing prioritizes the research itself, not the administrative costs. We operate as an effective altruist organization, making the most out of every donation.


Whether the future is filled with adaptive wellbeing or unnecessary suffering is up to you. Improve your own future, and the future of all sentient life now. Thank you for your support. 


David Pearce,

Director of Bioethics

Invincible Wellbeing