Policy Expert and Legal Researchers

At Invincible Wellbeing, we're investigating laws and policies from around the world as they relate to issues such as:

  • pharmaceuticals

  • brain stimulation

  • preimplantation genetic diagnosis

  • genetic engineering

  • other emerging technologies

We also have a podcast airing on Stanford University Radio, where we interview leading policy researchers on these issues. Whether you're a practicing lawyer, bioethicist, or someone curious enough to research issues related to hedonic technology law and policy in depth, we have tailored roles available. Simply enter your email address in the field above and click submit (not enter). Checkout the other volunteer options available by hovering over "volunteer" in the top right corner of the website.

Low Hanging Fruit

Start immediately, no questions asked. Follow links:

  1. Suggest guests to interview.

  2. Like IW on Facebook and give us 5 stars on iTunes.

  3. Share links to episodes and this volunteering page on forums, see Guide.

Volunteer Categories

Pick your commitment level: volunteer casually, as a team member, leader, and/or specialist.



  • 4 hr/month

  • No access to workflow software



  • Bio on website

  • Full access to shared workflow

  • 7 hrs/week for 6 months

  • Updates 3 times per week



  • Same as Teammates +

  • Influence over creative strategic decisions

  • 12 hrs/week for 1 year

  • Daily Updates



  • Advanced expertise

  • Commitments, bio, and workflow access on a case by case basis


Invincible Wellbeing's Mission

Promote research targeting the biological substrates of suffering. See our Strategy Map.

More Positions are Available

There is a role for you no matter your background. Sign up on our general volunteer page.