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A Podcast on Hacking Hedonic Health

What if emotional wellbeing was a permanent fixture of all experience, even in the most harrowing of circumstances? Our research, in coordination with top scientists around the world, seeks to enrich the conversation about escaping the hedonic treadmill, developing inexhaustible fortitude, adaptive pain control, unbound compassion, and sustainable bliss. We prioritize research that hacks at the biological roots of suffering. 

Hack Inventory

​We catalog options for pursuing potentially sustainable hedonic gains and safety nets against suffering. Topics include genetic engineering, psychopharma, electroceuticals, psychobiotics, and anthropological explorations of mysterious spiritual/therapeutic practices. Study methodologies and meta-analyses are also examined.

Accessing Hacks

​Without recommending any intervention, we compare decision heuristics, describe how people are attempting to minimize risk and access treatment as they navigate a host of legal and politico-economic barriers. Topics include off-patent drugs, trials, online pharmacies, independent testing, and going abroad.

Hedonic Future

Can the biological substrates of suffering ever be abolished? Can people be compassionate if they've never suffered? Could such a state be evolutionarily stable? Will we create Techno-Buddhist paradise or hell? The hacks we pursue now stand to alter the trajectory of experience throughout the cosmos.

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