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Volunteer Categories

Pick your commitment level: volunteer casually, as a team member, leader, and/or specialist.



  • 4 hr/month

  • No access to workflow software



  • Bio on website

  • Full access to shared workflow

  • 7 hrs/week for 6 months

  • Updates 3 times per week



  • Same as Teammates +

  • Influence over creative strategic decisions

  • 12 hrs/week for 1 year

  • Daily Updates



  • Advanced expertise

  • Commitments, bio, and workflow access on a case by case basis

The purpose of this role is to help ensure that the subject matter is communicated in a clear and accurate manner. This may involve fact checking technical statements, citing literature, as well as creating useful analogies to aid audience understanding.

 There are a number of optional ways for Specialists to contribute to Invincible Wellbeing:

  • Summarize academic literature in the Invincible Wellbeing Wiki.

  • Create ELI5 type scripts for the podcast. These may later be used in animations as well. 

  • Interviewing or otherwise engaging in written correspondence with academic researchers as a reporter or special correspondent.

  • Suggest guests to be on the show. 

  • Design questions for show guests.


Invincible Wellbeing's Mission

Promote research targeting the biological substrates of suffering. See our Strategy Map.

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