David Pearce

Director of Bioethics

David is a bioethical philosopher and the author of The Hedonistic Imperative, which outlines a vision for phasing out the biological substrates of suffering in favor of more adaptive information-sensitive gradients of wellbeing. In 1998, David and Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom co-founded the World Transhumanist Association / Humanity+. In 2019, David and Jacob Shwartz-Lucas launched Invincible Wellbeing to foster laboratory research in pursuit of the hedonistic imperative.

Phoebe Freidin


Phoebe has a degree in Experimental Psychology from Oxford, and specializes in Language and Cognition, Social Neuroscience, and Episodic and Semantic Memory. She teaches English in Madrid in-company to lawyers and consultants. Her interests include effective altruism, travel, and social justice.

Adam James Davis

Audio Engineer

Adam is an English futurist with a passion for transhumanism.

Discovering David Pearce's The Hedonistic Imperative had a considerable influence on the course of his life. Adam comes from a creative background focused on writing and music. Adam serves as the podcast's audio engineer.

Coral Benfield

Oxford Research Fellow

Coral is a second year Biochemistry undergraduate at Oxford interested in cell signalling, genetics, and protein structure and function. She is curious about the history and philosophy of science and believes in an interdisciplinary approach to finding effective research paths.

Cynthia Stewart


Cynthia has a background in Liberal Arts and English. In 2017, she met David Pearce and became the proofreader at the Neuroethics Foundation. She also writes speculative science fiction and creates abolitionistic visual art. Cynthia's interests include effective altruism, transhumanism, and futurism.

Mark Mollineaux

Stanford Program Director

Mark is the Program Director for KZSU Stanford University Radio, liaising between the station and Invincible Wellbeing. In 2016, Mark and Jake launched The Henry George Program, a show airing at Stanford about economic justice. The two have interviewed Nobel Prize winners, public representatives, and social researchers from Microsoft and YCombinator.

Remarez Sheehan

Oxford Research Fellow

Remi is a fourth year medical student at Oxford, with a medical sciences degree focused on cellular and systems neuroscience. He is interested in the mechanisms of deep brain stimulation and its application as a therapy for neurological and psychiatric diseases. Remi's focus is neurosurgery.

Jacob Shwarts-Lucas

Executive Director

Jake's biotech solution for cleaning drinking water in India attracted half a million dollars. In Cape Town, he worked in a lab preventing starvation via drought tolerant crops. While working on cancer research at Harvard, he interlocuted with development economists over how to end poverty. In 2019, Jake and David launched Invincible Wellbeing, embarking on a mission to solve the most dire humanitarian crisis of all by targeting the biological capacity to suffer.


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