Invincible Wellbeing's (IW) mission is to promote research targeting the biological substrates of suffering.


Phase 1

IW is currently prioritizing the research avenues we predict will be most fruitful toward that mission. Our 3-5 year objective is to rank the avenues according to an evolving set of criteria. The highest ranking avenue(s) will then become the organization's focal objective. To fairly compare research avenues across a diverse set of potential strategies, standard ranking criteria are used. Those evolving criteria currently include:

  • Total Suffering: the extent to which an intervention is likely to reduce suffering, e.g. the number of beings

  • Tractability: the difficulty of pursuing the intervention, e.g. political, scientific and financial feasibility

  • Neglectedness: the effort already devoted to the intervention (less is more attractive)

  • Evidence: the scientific evidence for the most promising sub-intervention, e.g. a particular therapy


Phase 2

After the most promising objective is selected it will become the sole focus of the organization. This may take the form of raising funding for the laboratory work to take place in an academic or private research setting, clearing regulatory/political hurdles, and/or other relevant strategies as they relate to the specific objective.


Research article topics are continuously populated here as they become available as working drafts.