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To register, please visit the Get Involved Page.

Zoom Social

First Friday of Every Month

1:30 PM PST,  4:30 PM EST,  9:30 PM GMT

Informal 40 min Open House

The 40 minute event is free and limited to the first 10 people who register. Zoom will abruptly kick us off after 40 minutes. Registration will add you to the Invincible Wellbeing Newsletter as well. If you enjoy the event, consider making a voluntary donation. Come with any questions you might have. We'll discuss the science of hedonia, what IW is working on, ways to get involved, and our vision for making suffering biologically impossible.

Zoom Editing Party

Thursday Februrary 11

10:30 AM PST,  1:30 PM EST,  6:30 PM GMT

Social Event Meets Google Doc Research

Get to know others passionate about eliminating suffering by practically contributing to the cause in a short one-off collaborative research event in Google Docs. Think of it like a hackathon, but you don't need to know how to code (special options if you are a coder). We welcome people from all backgrounds, as we work to best communicate top-notch research to a wide audience. You'll learn about fascinating hedonic research that may apply to your own wellbeing too (consult your physician). The event is free and limited to the first 10 people who register.

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