Biochemistry Specialists

At Invincible Wellbeing, our mission is to prioritize and promote research targeting the biological substrates of suffering. We do this by conducting literature reviews and interviewing the world's leading scientists on our podcast airing on Stanford University Radio.

The purpose of the Biochemistry Specialist's role is to help ensure that the subject matter is communicated in a comprehensive, clear, and accurate manner. This may involve fact checking technical statements, citing literature, as well as creating useful analogies to aid understanding.

One topic, among many, that we're covering is mu opioid GPCR signaling. This is part of the larger goal of discovering opioids that do not trigger dependence or withdrawal. The search may also reveal a means of identifying alleles with enhanced hedonic function. We need contributors to dive deep into this and similar topics to create guides that those without a degree in biochemistry will follow, at least in the broad strokes. 

There are a number of optional ways for Specialists to contribute to this research and similar literature reviews on Invincible Wellbeing:

  • Be interviewed as a special correspondent.

  • Interview (audio or written) academic researchers as a reporter or special correspondent.

  • Summarize academic literature in the Invincible Wellbeing Wiki.

  • Create Khan Academy type videos.

  • Create ELI5 type scripts for the podcast. These may later be used in animations as well. 

  • Suggest guests to be on the show. 

  • Design questions for show guests.

We're also looking for: 

Would you rather help with something less technical? 

Start immediately, no questions asked. Follow links:

  1. Suggest guests to interview.

  2. Like IW on FB and give us 5 stars on iTunes.

  3. Share links to episodes and this volunteering page on forums, see Guide.

Volunteer Categories

Pick your commitment level: volunteer casually, as a team member, leader, and/or specialist.



  • 4 hr/month

  • No access to workflow software



  • Bio on website

  • Full access to shared workflow

  • 7 hrs/week for 6 months

  • Updates 3 times per week



  • Same as Teammates +

  • Influence over creative strategic decisions

  • 12 hrs/week for 1 year

  • Daily Updates



  • Advanced expertise

  • Commitments, bio, and workflow access on a case by case basis

Invincible Wellbeing's Mission

Promote research targeting the biological substrates of suffering. See our Strategy Map.


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